Our Value Chain

We design, develop and produce garments, always investing in a dynamic and innovative attitude that makes a difference in an industry of ever increasing demands.

Great Expectations, Greater Results

To successfully compete we must be better, quicker, more precise and more efficient. These are the differentiation factors that allow us to get things done and achieve all these goals.


We have the flexibility to give our clients exactly what they need and we use our capabilities to do it fast, effectively and with excellent prices.


TMS Têxteis departments are evidence of the extended range of our activity, going from the design team to product development, production, quality control, logistics, storage and delivery. A team of skilled professionals ensure an excellent performance and embrace the Portuguese know-how of speed, quality and flexibility standards.


The mix of experience and knowledge in our team, combined with technological infrastructure and up to date innovations, ensures the high-quality standards TMS Têxteis clients look for.


Working as hub with selected partners TMS Têxteis always assures a fast response, constantly changing and adapting throughout the times.